our skin care philosophy is based on repair, balance and prevention.  our mission is to customize products and treatments to suit the individual needs of each skin type to achieve healthy and glowing skin. if you’re looking for long-lasting results wrapped in a pampering experience, you’ve come to the right place. blush note: all 90-minute facials include a complimentary scalp or foot massage.

blush signature

treat your face to our pampering signature facial. this nourishing, hydrating and healing treatment infuses vitamins, minerals and hydrating plant extracts that will leave your skin glowing.

60 minutes $95

complexion perfection

this blush favorite is a super anti-aging, skin strengthening, free radical blasting treatment utilizes cutting edge ingredients to brighten your skin and deliver concentrated vitamins, anti-oxidants, plant extracts and hydrators. your skin will be silky smooth and simply radiant.

60 minutes $105

papaya fruitality

brighten your complexion with this papaya enzyme and fruit acid exfoliating duo designed for those in need of a deep cleansing and exfoliation to brighten, rejuvenate and smooth out your skin.

75 minutes $115

hydrating collagen booster

relax and enjoy this soothing and healing facial infused with copper, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants to help boost the synthesis of collagen. designed to renew, rejuvenate, hydrate, plump and balance your skin. need we say more?

75 minutes $115

get the red out

specially-formulated for sensitive and rosacea skin types, calming healing and soothing ingredients including azulene, vitamin k and green tea will cleanse, hydrate, balance and calm sensitive skin types.

75 minutes $110

toning power enzyme

toning, toning, toning! a enzyme-activated facial that includes a spicy peel and lifting mask combo that lifts, tones, smoothes and exfoliates. natural enzymes and proteins rejuvenate your skin, stimulate circulation and boost cellular activity.

90 minutes $135

max7 restorative facial

experience the latest non-invasive treatment for glowing, youthful skin. after we thoroughly cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate your skin, your hands and feet will pampered with a soothing massage during your customized max7 facial.

60 minutes $159

stem cell booster

lifeline skin care’s exclusive rejuvenating skin products are a combination of several discoveries and unique high-technology science that visibly improves skin tone, firmness and leaves skin renewed and brighter. this treatment will leave skin smooth and radiant while giving skin a small dose of this breakthrough technology.

60 minutes  $145

mens facial

…because boys need to be pampered too. this custom blended treatment for men will soothe, hydrate, strengthen and purify your skin. healing, nourishing and hydrating ingredients combined with deep cleansing makes
this facial a blush favorite for every skin type.

75 minutes $105


the perfect treatment for clogged, combination or oily skin with moderate breakouts to heal, hydrate, strengthen and purify your skin. this facial includes a detailed skin analysis, deep cleansing, gentle and thorough extractions, accupressure massage and purifying mask.

75 minutes $105

purifying plus

custom designed to improve the tone and texture of oily or problem skin. combining powerful anti-bacterial, enzymatic and healing ingredients to purify, heal and smooth skin.

90 minutes $115

teen facial

a gentle, purifying facial for young teens. deep cleansing and exfoliation begins this anti-bacterial, blemish-banishing facial customized for young skin.

60 minutes $85

back facial

show off that smooth, sexy back! this treatment is a facial for your back including cleansing, exfoliation, massage and mask.

50 minutes $55




revitalize eye treatments $20
anti-aging hand treatment $20
green tea & mint foot scrub $25