body massage

whether it is our healing arnica, lotus wei or river rock massage, all blush therapies are created to be uniquely ours. designed by expert and discriminating therapists who specialize in healing and restorative bodywork, blush uses only the finest and cutting edge ingredients custom-blended to meet each client’s needs. our expert therapists will treat you to an escape that will bring your mind, body and spirit into a renewed state of harmony and balance.


a blush specialty combining the perfect blend of swedish and shiatsu massage techniques. melt away the tension and rejuvenate your soulwith this gentle and soothing massage.
60 minutes | $120
90 minutes | $150

lotus wei

experience the healing powers of nature with this custom lotus wei massage. flower essences create immediate positive effects on mood and state of mind while connecting with the body’s meridians to promote deep healing and rejuvenation. this blissful massage begins with your choice of flower essences custom blended into your treatment to bring the body back into balance and create a renewed sense of well-being.
60 minutes | $130
90 minutes | $160

healing arnica

our signature healing arnica massage is specifically designed to help restore flexibility and release your body from the prison of pain and stiffness. enhanced with a healing and soothing mélange of arnica, herbs and essential oils, this “wow that was amazing” massage is truly a blush favorite. focusing on neuromuscular release, gentle stretching and specialized techniques, this treatment helps to melt away stress and alleviate chronic muscle tension.
60 minutes | $145
90 minutes | $185


watch out toxins, pack your bags cellulite! this vigorous massage utilizes kneading, various invigorating and deep tissue massage techniques to stimulate your lymphatic system and help flush out toxins. why not boost the benefits of this fabulous massage by combining it with our exquisite moor mud wrap or herbal detox wrap.
60 minutes | $145
90 minutes | $185

river rock

restorative touch meets the ancient tradition of native american healing through nature’s stones and calming rhythyms in this incredibly therapeutic river rock massage to inspire ultimate relaxation. smooth, flat river stones are carefully heated and treated with pure essential oils and placed on key energy points to warm the body. bathed in rain water, drenched in moonlight and kissed by the sun, these precious river rocks are used to massage the body alternately with our therapist’s magical hands to promote a deep state of healing and meditation.
90 minutes | $210

mamma’s lullabye

happy mamma means happy baby. indulge your senses, let go and drift away while we help to melt your aching muscles, creating a perfectly soothing and nurtured environment for your precious, growing baby. our pre-natal massage is designed to reduce swelling, improve circulation, relieve that tired back and sore muscles and enhance the delivery of fresh oxygen and nutrients to mamma and baby. this dreamy treatment gently enhances relaxation and promotes endless health benefits for you and your precious package. (please consult your physician prior to massage. first trimester massage not recommended.)
60 minutes | $120
90 minutes | $150

foot & lower leg scrub w/ reflexology

pamper your soles with a warm peppermint towel soak and lavender foot scrub before melting into this exquisite reflexology FOOT AND LOWER LEG MASSAGE treatment. reflexology has been practiced for thousands of years to relieve stress, tension and congestion in the body. a natural healing art based on the ancient principle that there are reflexes and points in the feet which correspond to every part, gland and organ of the body. incredibly relaxing and therapeutic, reflexology helps to relieve tension, improve circulation and improve overall wellness.
50 minutes | $105