teen lounge


teen facial

a gentle, purifying facial for young teens. deep cleansing and exfoliation begin this anti-bacterial, blemish-banishing facial customized for young skin.
60 minutes $85

deep cleanse back facial

clogged pores, sweat and oily skin are just some of the problems that affect a teenager’s back. this treatment includes steaming, deep pore cleansing, removal of all blackheads and blemishes and a soothing mud mask for a beautiful bare back.
50 minutes $55

scrumptious sugar scrub

soothing and detoxifying full body scrub for the spa loving teen in your life. there’s nothing quite like smooth, glowing skin to lift your spirits and make your soul soar.
50 minutes $80

day dream massage

our signature swedish/shiatsu combo customized for teens to reduce stress, relax tired muscles and rejuvenate the soul.
50 minutes $80

play ball massage

treat your active teen to a healing, restorative massage that will mend sore muscles or strains, improve flexibility and help prevent injury.  natural herbal ingredients enhance the healing benefits of this therapeutic massage.
50 minutes $90

“chill out” spa day

teen facial, scrumptious scrub and day dream massage.
3 hours $215


treat your favorite teenager and her friends to a customized spa party.  choose one of our packages below or customize your own.

glam girl

girls will be indulged in the fun art of the mini-facial. seated pow-wow style on their comfy blankets and pillows, the girls will learn how to perform mini-facials at home and learn the tricks of good skin care ie; eating veggies to get a “glow” and how to avoid or heal breakouts.  when their skin is refreshed and clean, we’ll apply masks created from homemade ingredients, have some snacks and enjoy a small break for the girls to chat.  each guest will go home  to remind them of their own special beauty.
3 ½ hours, 3 to 7 guests, $75 each


this artful workshop will teach girls how to choose the right colors for their skin tone, application techniques, do’s and don’ts of makeup and the importance of keeping your skin clean when wearing makeup.  the workshop will begin with application on a model after which, each teen will get a customized session to practice their technique with makeup and mirrors.  each guest will go home an  eyeshadow or lip gloss.
3 ½ hours, 3 to 8 guests, $85 each

inner goddess ­

teens discover their inner strengths, hidden talents and dreams in this inspirational workshop.  thought-provoking activities will encourage girls to explore what makes them uniquely special and discover the power of dreams and positive thinking.  this workshop takes them on a fun and light-hearted inner journey of inner growth.  each guest goes home with a dream journal and vision board.
4 hours, 3 to 7 guests, $95 each